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We use all of the appropriate internet standards to control and manipulate your data. We love standards, since there are so many to choose from. We've even started our own standards body to make sure that your data is always available in our standard. Don't worry if you use a mac, we're sure that by the time that you buy your next computer, it will be supported.

Here's a partial list of standards that we support. Check back often to see the list grow.

  • HTML
  • BEER
  • SMTP
  • PORT
  • POP
  • WINE
  • SSL
  • ALE
  • BRA
  • FOS
  • RUM
  • C
  • LRFD
  • BBQ
  • DNS
  • .ORG
  • MSIE
  • MAC
  • TLA
  • GOOB
  • MSFT
  • SQL
  • SOL
  • MOOF
  • WKRP
  • YMMV
  • ASTM A-36
  • RTFM

Our Standards process is open to all comers; show up with $1M and a case of good beer and you're in. Just come to our meetings every friday. Contact us for locations, we might know by Thursday.

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