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Our Partners

Listed below are a number of well known, confidence-inspiring brand names. By listing these Industry Leaders on our website we are betting that some of their prestige and credibility will rub off on us.

Strategic partnerships like these allow us to present an appearance of reliability and competence. A sort of respect by association, as it were. With five out of every six dotcoms failing within their first year of existence we need all of the borrowed reputability we can get!

Intel Corporation Our partners for microprocessor support and heating
Qwest Communications International Our partners for telecommunications infrastructure
The Ford Motor Company Our partners for transportation service and support
Microsoft Corporation Our partners for operating systems and mousepad support
Sony Electronics Our partners for MP3 infrastructure
Weyerhauser Our partners for pulpware and dead tree products
Bank of America Our partners for currency storage and exchange
The US Postal Service Our partner for stamps
Coors Brewing Company Our partner for beverage support
The US Government Our partners for taxation and representation
Cisco Our partners for machines that go "bing"
Gap, Inc. Our partners for lifestyle services
Apple Computer Our partners for pretty plastics
Ikea USA Our partners for interior design and aesthetics

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