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We Know More Than You

We are the leading provider of all SOLUTIONS to the nonprofit sector. What this means is anyone's guess.

We have Money

We have raised over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in venture capital. Just think about how smart we must be to have been able to do that. Pockets this deep virtually guarantee that we will be in business to support what we build for you throughout the coming year.

We have Experience

We've written lots and lots of software. Lots of software. Really huge quantities of software. It kind of works together, but we know for sure that you'll need to pay us to get it to work for you.

We have lots of MBAs. Oh my goodness. You know all those MBAs that have been laid off. We hired them all. They are all counting the money we've raised.

We even know something about our market. Our office manager served on a nonprofit board once, and we've been buying Girl Scout Cookies for years.

We have Technology

We are a disruptive technology firm that has created the first software platform that transforms the massive amounts of chaotic data found on the Web and within legacy systems into actionable assets. With powerful inference and reasoning capabilities across any data source or taxonomy, the core logic engine yields unprecedented depth, precision, structure, and richness from information that is critical to large-scale e-philanthropy and strategic decisioning processes. Promises of seamless e-philanthropy transactions, tightly integrated collaboration and scalable Agent-to-Agent ("A2A") and Peer-to-Peer ("P2P") architectures can now be delivered through use of our technology.

We have Vision

We have seen the future of the nonprofit world and we intend to cram you into it. Old, inefficient practices of philanthropy give way to market forces and technological somethingorother. When we're done reinventing the nonprofit sector it will look and feel exactly like the for-profit sector we grew out of.

Won't that be great?



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